Offers Entrepreneurs a Home-Based Business Opportunity in Personal Development.

Using a proven and easy-to-follow system, franchisees and entrepreneurs can run a successful Network Marketing business from home with a start from LiveLife

Online PR News – 15-May-2009 – – The simplicity of the business model,, offers any entrepreneur or aspiring business owner the method they need to follow to build a successful Network Marketing business. This is not an MLM (multi-level-marketing) plan. Each business owner is not contingent upon the success of the others in the company to succeed themselves.

Providing this service to a target market that has watched the global economy flat line for several years, offers not only the necessary and proven training that helps business owners to succeed as in a home-based business, but also offers a network of mentors and leaders that are running highly successful businesses themselves using this easy-to-follow business model.

There are five factors that any prospective Network Marketing business owner should ask themselves before they begin their own business.

1. Leverage: Can I train other people to work for me?

2. Control: Do I have a protected system that belongs to me?

3. Creativity: Will the business allow me to be creative and develop my own personal style and talents?

4. Expandability: Can my business grow indefinitely?

5. Predictability: Is my income predictable if I do what is expected of me? If I am successful, and keep expanding my business, will my income increase with my success and hard work? answers yes to all of these questions. Entrepreneurs can take advantage of a proven system to build their Network Marketing business and allow themselves the freedom of working from home and making a prosperous living. See how:

About Owner, Nicole Madalone
Nicole Madalone has had great success applying the LiveLifeDreamBig business plan to her own at-home Network Marketing Business. She began her career in personal development to achieve the freedom that this career path offered, but has since found great satisfaction and success in training and mentoring other entrepreneurs to follow their dreams and reach their own personal goals.

Nicole is a mother of four and is a walking testimonial to the endless possibilities that a career in personal development offers to anyone willing to invest in themselves while using the valuable and unique resources this proven and simple system has to offer.

If you want to learn more about the potential you can achieve by using the LiveLifeDreamBig business model for your new business, contact Nicole at 732-693-6734 or