Stafford Associates Offering Full-Time Professionals Guidelines For Securing Corporate Sponsorship

Stafford Associates, a distance learning services provider, is offering full-time professionals guidelines for securing corporate sponsorship.

Online PR News – 24-May-2011 – – Dubai Knowledge Village, Dubai 24 May 2011: A distance learning services provider, Stafford Associates, is offering full-time professionals guidelines for securing corporate sponsorship. It helps you if you are working full-time and would like to pursue further education that will add to your qualification enabling you to perform better. You can access resources and get detailed information regarding corporate sponsorship and also information for the courses, payment, universities and more from the site. Stafford Associates provides various distance MBA and many other online courses.

Speaking for the company, a senior Programme Advisor said, “If you are a full-time professional seeking to learn while you earn and raise your qualification bar, our well designed online courses will help you. For financial convenience, you could secure a corporate sponsorship from your company, if it has such a policy, to fund your education. Around 20 percent of our MBA and other distance learning courses’ students are either fully or partially funded by their employers.”

The first step is to find out if your company has a learning and development policy. If there is, see if you fit the criteria or if there are procedures you have to follow and ensure that you fulfill them all. Then state your desire for the programme appropriately during your annual appraisal, asking if it can be added to your personal development plan. Ensure that all the decision makers regarding your request are aware of your case which should be practical and convincing, backed with proper explanation on the benefits from the programme for yourself and the organisation.

The Programme Advisor, further advising said, “Consider carefully the contract with your company for the funding. They will naturally expect some return for their investment. Be prepared for a clause within your contract for repayment of the fees, in the case of a decision for you to leave their employment. The details of the percentage of payback need to be discussed and clarified with your management.”

While presenting your case, it is recommended that you do it in person instead of emails or letters to avoid delays. Supporting your case with a detailed cost versus benefit analysis, demonstrating tangible benefits to the organisation will add more weight to it. To make your request more appealing it is advised that your programme should be in sync with your current job process. Stafford Associates offer diploma courses, bachelors and masters degrees in management specially designed for full-time professionals.

About Stafford Associates
Stafford Associates was formed in 1993, and is based in Dubai with associate offices in Saudi Arabia and Lebanon. The organisation has over 2000 graduated professionals around the world who hold internationally recognised bachelors or masters degree from universities such as Nottingham Trent University, University of Leicester, University of Wales and University of Nottingham. You can also join a doctorate programme at Stafford Associates.

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