File System to SharePoint Tool Updated for Migration in Any Domain User

PCVITA Express Migrator for SharePoint is released in the advanced version 3.0, in which; there is an updated feature. Earlier the migrated data was saved in administrator account of SharePoint, but now, the software has been enhanced to perform the migration into any user account.

Online PR News – 25-May-2011 – – India, May 20, 2011 – With each new version that is released straight from the labs of PCVITA Software Group has some new advantage story to tell to its users. This time around, it is the migration supported for any user account with the newly released 3.0 version of this File System to SharePoint tool. Earlier the migration was supported only for the administrator account, but now, the software is enhanced in this respect and the migration support is extended to any user account. For more info:

PCVITA Express migrator for SharePoint is a software solution specifically designed for the purpose of File System to SharePoint migration. Most users, who migrate File System to SharePoint, upload files in SharePoint, and therefore, they wanted that all user accounts should also be supported besides the support given to administrator account. PCVITA team acknowledged this need and therefore, enhanced their software to suit this need.

In the words of D. Pramanik, the Director at PCVITA Group, “I am happy that my team is consistent in their work, they continuously check the missing features in our tools and endeavor to add them in the subsequent versions, so that we attain maximum user satisfaction.” Download from here: