MPI and SolaRover Strategic Partnership

MPI and SolaRover work together to bring mobile solar power to rural areas in developing countries.

Online PR News – 15-May-2009 – – POWER TO THE PEOPLE

More than 78 million households still cook, heat their homes, and light their homes with wood fire, which produces black carbon, one of the worst pollutants for global warming. These families also live day to day breathing that smoke. They are unable to have safe clean running water and are denied needed educational and medical facilities due to the unavailability of electricity.

This project came to be developed in a response to the need for electricity in off the grid rural areas of India and other South Asian countries. The need for sustainable electricity in rural areas of developing countries is recognized as a precursor for community and industry development. SolaRover units provide the perfect solution for these areas that are not served by traditional grid power supply. MPI recognized the potential of SolaRover and proposed and formed a strategic partnership in order to improve the quality of life for these rural areas. SolaRover and MPI work together to promote the project secure funding and deploy units to targeted areas. Electricity is a precursor for industry. Mobile solar power addresses the issue of a sustainable source of power that is affordable and flexible, providing the needs for the development of community health centers, schools, technology, water management, agricultural activities and other community development needs.

After funding is secured, the project members will then target specific communities to prequalify them for reception of the SolaRover unit built to specific community needs. Determining factors for placement of the SolaRover unit will be based on need. The important issues will be needs for improved health care, educational opportunities, water purification and management needs, and community industry skill sets.
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