Life Link International’s Emergency Flash Drive Provides Key Solution to Disaster Unpreparedness

Life Link Safe is the only USB stick on the market today that houses vital disaster information web links, an emergency preparedness checklist and an all-encompassing personal data organization-photo management software program.

Online PR News – 18-May-2011 – – Los Angeles, CA – – It begins with the unexpected emergency, family tragedy or a natural disaster. Whatever the cause, any sudden life changing event leaves most people paralyzed, confused and unable to think clearly. Not to mention, the immediacy of becoming a victim of circumstance and having to deal with the difficult repercussions of life’s history destroyed

According to a PEW Research Center report, the majority of Americans are no better prepared for a natural disaster than they were five years ago after Hurricane Katrina and now apparently after last month’s record-breaking tornadoes and floods in the Midwest.

In an effort to help mitigate grief associated with any catastrophic event, Life Link International, LLC developed “Life Link Safe” (The SAFE), a military-grade, encrypted data organization and document management system designed to protect your most valuable information from ever being lost, misplaced or ruined.

This turbo- fast application is housed on a thumb-sized, first-tier 2g USB 2.0 flash drive that connects through a USB port to any PC that runs most Microsoft platforms. Rick Broida, cnet affirmed Life Link Safe, “A great thing to have on hand in the event of disaster which can strike anytime, anywhere.”

Users simply plug The SAFE into their computer’s USB port and begin uploading invaluable information onto preformatted templates programmed inside the USB pocket safe drive. Should tragedy strike without warning, consumers can immediately grab The SAFE and flee. When needed, users will be able to easily access The SAFE’s pages which are categorized based on function (i.e. medical/ financial records, household accounts, insurances and more).

Emergency preparedness kits might provide families the safety items they couldn’t take from their homes, such as water and batteries but during complete destruction of property, will survivors be in the proper mind frame to remember crucial insurance numbers; bank accounts; passwords?

“Complacency, crisis desensitization or belief that nothing could ever happen ‘to me’ seems to be key components in the lack of planning for the future,” says company spokesperson, Suzi Bruno. She further points out that even with the rapid advancements in information technology, putting one’s life in order is still considered tedious and boring, until now.

The SAFE is also protected by a leather-bound exterior, so users’ valuable data will still be guarded should it come under physical duress. Weighing less than an ounce, The SAFE is designed to be easily stored or carried making it the lightest, most secured portable file cabinet ever.
For more information about The SAFE please visit the Life Link Safe website or contact Suzi Bruno at PRIME L.A.; 323.962.9207; via email:

About Life Link Safe:
Established in 2008, Life Link International’s The SAFE provides the best of both worlds, the perfect combination of secure electronic storage with the personal, local safeguarding of all personal data. Unlike other products that promise safe protection of valuable records, The SAFE is designed with security measures that circumvent the never-ending threats of online living. The SAFE is completely off-line, so there is no chance of user info being hacked.

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