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Brighter, Clearer Looking Skin By Beaute’ de Paris

Online PR News – 18-May-2011 – – Nothing is more aging than discolored brown patches on your face. Uneven skin tone marks your age. Bringing back clarity, radiance and brightness to your skin tone will make you appear younger and healthier looking. Lébrillénc skin brightener serum is a revitalizing concentrate that helps the skin rediscover radiance and brightness by combating the appearance of dull skin, age spots and other skin blemishes.

Synthetic Hydroquinone, once the standard ingredient for skin brightening formulas has some potentially serious side effects associated with its long term use. Currently, many cosmetic companies have begun to utilize natural alternatives with skin brightening properties. Ingredients such as licorice and more sophisticated ingredients like Alpha-Arbutin are achieving the appearnce of skin brightening very effectively. When combined, these natural ingredients have a synergistic effect and can often yield results that is thought to even surpass hydroquinone, but without the associated risks.

Clinical test studies show:

• After 4 weeks of using Lébrillénc the skin looks radiant, and brighter. Skin has an even looking skin tone. Appearance of age spots and blemishes seem to fade away.
• Independently tested by AMA Laboratories, skin tone appears brightened up to 55% and age spots appearance is reduced up to 77% using Lébrillénc.

Lébrillénc's contains ingredients that block UV damage and exfoliate dull looking skin with natural alpha-hydroxy acids to give a smoother look and brighter complexion. But don't worry, Lébrillénc is non-irritating and gentle to the skin. Lébrillénc contains gentle beta hydroxy acids (BHA) which are more gentle than alpha-hydroxy acids.

Lébrillénc Beauty Benefits:
• Skin tone look is evened out, and brightened.
• After using the formula, skin looks radiant and brighter. Appearance of age spots, blotches and blemishes will seem to fade away.
• Reduces the appearance of skin irritations and imperfections.
• Good for all skin types, and 100% Hydroquinone free. (Hydroquinone is a potential carcinogen and may disfigure skin).

Lébrillénc is priced at $99.99 for one bottle or for a limited time $129.99 for two bottles plus free shipping.


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