May 2011 issue of ClubHack Magazine released

In this issue we'll be covering topics such as BeEF (Browser Exploitation Framework) in Tool Gyan, and Tech Gyan articleis set to expose in first ever public disclosure of Password secrets of Safari, User Agents in Moms Guide, Forensics in MatriuxVibhag, New Rules under Information Technology Act In Legal Gyan.

Online PR News – 25-May-2011 – – This time also we have dedicated the issue to Browser security. The theme is also reflected on cover page of the magazine. Keeping with the theme of Browser security, this issue covers the First ever public disclosure of password secrets of "Apple Safari" in Tech Gyan section. The Tool Gyan explains BeEF (Browser Exploitation Framework), Mom's Guide covers User Agents. Legal gyan explains new rules under Information Technology act and Forensics in MatriuxVibhag.
a. Exposing the Password Secrets of “Apple Safari”
Like other browsers, Safari also comes with built-in ‘password manager’ feature for securely storing and managing the user's web login passwords. This article is set to expose – in first ever public disclosure - password secrets of Safari including the stored password location, encryption algorithm and code for decryption of stored passwords!
b. Cybercrimeopedia: New Rules under Information Technology Act
This article focuses on new rules under Information Technology act. These rules mainly describes the control over blogging platform and ‘Cyber Security Incident’ which means any real or suspected adverse event in relation to cyber security that violates an explicitly or implicitly applicable security policy resulting in unauthorised access, denial of service or disruption, unauthorized use of a computer resource for processing or storage of information or changes to data, information without authorization.
c. Forensics withMatriux - Part 1
This section covers the first part of the Forensics with Matriux article. This article focuses on Forensics with the help of Matriux Security Distro. It covers forensics tools like Automated Image and Restore (AIR) and Guymager.

d. The User Agent on my Header
As the section title suggests, explains User Agents in simple language. This article explains User Agents, what it is used for and from the aspect of security. Also tell what are the possible vulnerabilities and attacks.
e. BeEF (Browser Exploitation Framework)
This section explains BeEF - Browser Exploitation Framework. BeEF is a very powerful tool and used by many security professionals. Its a tool that exploits vulnerabilities of the browser. This article tells the uses, installation of this tool. It also gives a demo of MS09-002 exploit.

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