Filemaker Database + iPad/iPhone: Run your Business from Virtually Anywhere Anytime.

ACG Technologies, a leading provider of innovative software development services, today announced its new Database Mobility Practice tailored for small to medium-sized businesses.

Online PR News – 18-May-2011 – – Around the globe, the explosion of highly mobile “tablet-ized” applications is revolutionizing the way businesses interact with their central databases. Merrill Lynch is expecting Apple to sell just north of 26 million iPads during 2011. By any measure, this is an astonishing ramp up for an entirely new computing product. It is so startling that in other words, the iPad sold five times as much as the average Wall Street analyst prediction.

“iPad-ization,” is more than a just a social media phenomenon; it is fast becoming a business strategy increasingly adopted by companies to save time and money in today’s economic environment. Worldwide there are five times more mobile phones than computers. With an iPad or iPhone, workers on-the-go can easily view and edit records within a central database, providing much more portability and accessibility than even a laptop.

ACG is launching its new Database Mobility Practice to meet this accelerating demand, and to assist businesses in all industries in the race to “mobile-up.”

According to ACG eMarketing VP Lee Sweeney, “The primary mission of our new practice is to implement enterprise caliber technical solutions that improve mobile-data performance for small to medium-sized organizations.” Sweeney adds, “The new Database Mobility services will enable our clients to "mobilize" by easily publishing their databases to the web so key personnel with an iPad or iPhone can access real-time reports, check inventory in the warehouse, manage event calendars, or update the status of a project. Basically, run their business from virtually anywhere anytime.”

ACG is drawing upon its cross-functional team of custom software developers who possess solid business experience and first-hand knowledge of state-of-the-art technology.

For the past decade, ACG Technologies has focused on two core areas of expertise: Filemaker Database Development and Web Applications. ACG President Chris Quinn explained, "Our in-house Filemaker and Web developers have teamed up to create the new Database Mobility Practice utilizing technologies such as FileMaker’s Custom Web Publishing (CWP), Instant Web Publishing (IWP), iPhone and iPad application SDK’s, mobile web application development and web integrated database technologies utilizing MySQL, SQL, Oracle and more."

Quinn continued, “Filemaker Go makes information residing on a Mac or PC accessible from an iPad or iPhone using a local wireless network or over the Internet via Wi-Fi or 4G. All changes are instantly updated allowing you to view, edit, and search your FileMaker information from your mobile device. This translates to greater speed, accuracy and flexibility, any one of which is a significant competitive business advantage.”

ACG Filemaker Go specialist Rey D’Angelo knows the challenges first-hand, “Our consulting approach is that instead of using complex and expensive SQL or Oracle databases, the new Apple-aligned solutions allow us to develop a client’s mobile and data applications simultaneously, which reduces development time and cost. As programmers we are designing it in an open environment so the end product is also easier to maintain for both us and the client.”

An operations manager for a car rental company experienced increased customer satisfaction and gains in productivity with a Filemaker/iPad implementation. “From the moment we found out about Filemaker Go for iPad, we instantly switched over to it and abandoned our previous costly, complex mobile development efforts.”

Health Care Applications: A recent government demonstration of iPhone applications for Electronic Medical Records (EMR) allows patients to control their health records and gives doctors expedited access to those records. Federal financial incentives for medical practitioners transitioning to EMR is expected to additionally drive the market for mobile data devices such as smartphones and tablets that enable consumers to take healthcare into their own hands, according to tech analyst firm, Ovum.

Tech analysts believe that the mobile-data trend will continue through the decade and holds unrivaled potential for mobile workers in every area.


1) Healthcare Practitioners - Doctors can now securely review or share e-health records with patients, hospitals, clinics, and emergency rooms. Significant Federal incentives are also encouraging hospitals and doctors to centralize patient information to save money, time and improve medical outcomes.

2) Field Sales & Services - Perfect for presentations and demonstrations on the go. Immediately respond to customer questions about product information, order status or detailed pricing. No more “I need to call the office,” or “I’ll get back to you on that."

3) Corporate Commuters and Travelers - The world is full of corporate employees who spend a large percentage of their time driving, walking around the corporate campus, attending meetings, making presentations, reviewing documents or lugging a laptop to the airport. Enter the iPad!

4) Mobile IT Pros - Who says IT pros have to be boring? Carry around an iPad, and presentations, image and effectiveness with end users takes a new turn.

5) Remote and Mobile Workers in all Walks of Life - Finally, whether you're a field utility worker, salesperson, doctor or anyone who works remotely and needs "always-on" access to your data, an ACG Database Mobility app can help you Go!

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