Clark Field Private Wine Auctioneer's PRIORITY AUCTION is Fully Subscribed

Clark Field Private Wine Auctioneer's PRIORITY AUCTION is now fully subscribed due to an overwhelming response from wine seller's.

Online PR News – 22-May-2011 – – Clark Field Private Wine Auctioneers spokesman Stephen Davis announced “We are now fully subscribed for the PRIORITY AUCTION due to the incredible response from seller's looking to have their wines included in the May 25th Auction”.

CLARK FIELD Special Economic ZONE (CSEZ), Angeles City, Pampanga Philippines 2009

Clark Field Private Wine Auctioneers Announces May 25th, 2011 Auction Date:

Clark Field Private Wine Auctioneers spokesman Stephen Davis announced “Due to the sheer volume of applications for the PRIORITY AUCTION it is now fully subscribed”. He further stated that "The ORDINARY AUCTION on the other hand had little or no response so Master of Wine Arnold Aguas has decided to cancel the ORDINARY AUCTION in an effort to respond to the demand for PRIORITY AUCTION applicants which opens up 50 positions for the PRIORITY AUCTION".

Spokesman Stephen Davis said "We fully expect the additional 50 positions to be be fully subscribed by Friday at the latest as Seller's want to take advantage of the minimum opening bid guarantee which is included with PRIORITY AUCTION registration".

Due to the demand the auction registration is on a first come first served basis with only applications with registration fee's paid will be considered for the final 50 positions.

Clark Field Private Auction House’s Wine Department Valuation Expert Arnold Aguas said: “”We specialize in auctioning fine, rare collectable and affordable wines, champagne, port, Madeira and cognac”. He further stated that “Seven fine wine auctions are to be held held during the year at Clark Field this year, these events which are open to bidders by invitation only and include the upper crust of Filipino society.

Wines for auction are sourced throughout Asia. The classic regions of Australia New Zealand are the focus of this month’s fine wine auction, which will also include a limited selection of the best wines from the New World.

The Wine Department’s multi-lingual valuation expert, Arnold Aguas who is a Master of Wine, is delighted to offer complimentary auction valuations to all paid registrants that have completed their registration for the PRIORITY AUCTION.

Valuation Details

valuation of wine champagne -

The first step to selling at the upcoming Clark Field private wine auction is to pay your registration fees to your desired auction and you can then obtain a valuation of your wine holdings. Auction valuations are free for paid registrants and can be obtained in the following way.

By sending an email to our expert at the email address listed below with a complete listing of all the labels in your portfolio and the price paid. (Important as in the priority auction a minimum opening bid of 80% of original purchase price is guaranteed. Not applicable for the ordinary auction).

Auction Registrar & Venue Coordinator Peter Hamilton said in a recent interview: “In view of numerous valuation requests we have been receiving on a daily basis registration will be on a strictly first come first served basis, Arnold Aguas, our expert in wine & champagne, will be at Clark Field for valuations starting the 10th of May 2011 until 1 day prior to the auction start date of the 25th of May, 2011″.

For more information or to reserve and register your wines for one of the remaining 50 PRIORITY AUCTION positions please send an email to or contact him by phone at+(63)908-638-4341.

The reservation and registration fee’s are as listed below and must be paid within 24 hours of requesting a valuation or if contacted by one of our phone reps within 24 hours of verbal expression of intent to enter your wines for sale in the auction.

If the fees are not paid within the allotted time your registration will be withdrawn and offered to the next person on the waiting list as the auction simply cannot accommodate all the investors wanting to sell their fine wines in a single auction.

Registration fees and cost details

ORDINARY AUCTION registration and reservation fees: CANCELLED

PRIORITY AUCTION registration and reservation fees: $950.00 US Dollars

Benefits of priority registration

Priority registration guarantees your wine portfolio will be sold in it’s entirety to a single bidder in a single transaction and the minimum opening bid is 80% of original purchase price/valuation price.

Priority registration guarantees the sale of your entire portfolio or the auction house will purchase your entire portfolio at the end of the auction for 87.5% of original purchase price.

Priority registration exempts sellers from any VAT (Value Added Tax) which would normally be payable on all premiums and charges and exempts the seller from any VAT rates that are chargeable on the Hammer Price. These Lots are clearly marked in each sale catalogue

Priority registration allows for your maximum party of two persons to enter the auction and observe the bidding from the observation deck and exempts your party from the $10,000.00 USD show money deposit requirement. (This is for observation purposes only to allow investors to see the bidding on their wine portfolios and bidding is strictly prohibited by observers).

Since the auction format is a virtual auction you don't have to transport your wines until the buyer has made payment and the buyer pays the cost of shipping the wines to his location.

To arrange a free and confidential auction valuation with a view to selling, contact:

Additional Charges

There may be additional charges for shipping, packing and storage, if appropriate and agreed to prior to the auction in the event the wines are purchased by the auction house due to no acceptable minimum bids.

There will not be any hidden charges or any fees due that are not expressly agreed to by the seller and the valuation expert prior to the auction.

Conditions of Sale

All sales are subject to the laws and regulations of The Philippines Clark Field Special Economic Freeport Zone.

All sale dates are subject to change. Customers are advised to contact the our Valuation Expert for further details.