Copper River King Salmon On The Menu At Grand Central Oyster Bar Beginning May 19

Executive Chef Sandy Ingber reels in first catch of Copper River Salmon

Online PR News – 22-May-2011 – – From Alaska to New York City, the prized Copper River Salmon catch is en route to the Grand Central Oyster Bar in Manhattan. Executive Chef Sandy Ingber reports that the first catch of the most prestigious wild king salmon in the country – from the 300-mile long Copper River in Alaska – is being reeled in by fishermen, and will be on the menu at the historic restaurant in Grand Central Terminal on Thursday, May 19. These kings are known for the highest fat content and brilliant red color. As is customary, the Oyster Bar is the first restaurant to serve this year’s Copper River.

Ingber says that “Rolls Royce of King Salmon is expected to be on the menu for the remainder of the month.”

Because of limited availability the opening market price for the Copper Kings will be $43.95 as an entrée for lunch or dinner. “The kings will be prepared in various hot and cold preparations as they are suitable for many different ways of cooking,” adds Ingber. “We always love to be first.”

The Copper River Salmon live most of their 3-5 year life span in the cold, clean waters of the North Pacific. As the salmon return to spawn in the fresh water streams of their origins, they build up incredible reserves of fat and nutrients to carry them. It is the most sought after fresh fish of the year.

For reservations to the Grand Central Oyster Bar call 212-490-6650.

The Grand Central Oyster Bar first opened its doors in 1913, in what was then a brand new, state-of-the-art, Grand Central Station. With its cavernous architecture and sweeping white tiled ceilings, it evokes this old N.Y. in all its grandness.