eLearners.com Addresses the Top 5 Excuses for Not Earning a College Degree

Common excuses keeping Americans from getting their degree include “I’m too busy,”“I can’t afford college” and “I don’t have the confidence”

Online PR News – 17-May-2011 – – The need for a college degree has never been higher. President Obama is calling for 60% of the U.S. population to have a degree by 2020 and many experts point to the connection between educational attainment and a strong economy. But, still many people make excuses for not earning a degree, despite convenient options like online college classes.

Last Friday people across the country celebrated “Blame Someone Else Day.” Now that the day has passed, it is time for Americans to take control of their futures. From research conducted by Carol Aslanian, adult education expert and Senior Vice President of Aslanian Market Research, here are the top 5 excuses for not earning a degree and how you can overcome these self-made obstacles:

1. I’m too busy – It may seem like a challenge to add school into the mix when you’re already balancing a job with family and other life obligations, but there are flexible options that make earning a degree more possible than ever. Students can now complete online courses at their own pace and some campus-based programs offer evening and weekend classes.

2. I can’t afford college – Sticker shock can often discourage those thinking about going back to school, but there are financial aid options that may decrease out-of-pocket costs for eligible students, as well as scholarships. Visit the eLearners.com Debt Free College Guide at http://debtfree.elearners.com/how-to-pay-for-school/ for more information.

3. I don’t have the confidence – Whether it’s because you are older or struggled with school in the past, don’t let low confidence keep you from earning a college degree. Accredited online schools provide adults the opportunity to go to college in a supportive environment, providing resources and tools to help them get their degree and gain confidence in the process.

4. I don’t need a degree to be successful – In less than ten years, sixty percent of jobs will require postsecondary education, so while you might be ok now, not having a college degree is likely setting you on an unsustainable career path. But, not to be underestimated, a college degree leads to greater financial rewards over a lifetime.

5. I don’t know what I want to do – Having a career field in mind is important before enrolling in a degree program; however, you may never know what you want to do if you aren’t trying to figure it out. Take the time to discover what interests you and then find out what education is required for that career field. Available resources, like the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Outlook Handbook, can provide that information, as well as tell you about the salary range, work environment and growth potential within a particular industry.

Whatever the excuses of the past, today is the day for adults across the country to take control of their lives and stop putting off earning a college degree. If you’re looking for tips on going back to school, check out the Back to School Survival Guide at http://www.elearners.com/back-to-school/.

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