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Online PR News – 20-May-2011 – – Scams have become synonymous with the wholesale and dropshipping industry in the UK. Reports of retailers and trade suppliers falling to the machinations of scammers have become so common that the online trading community has now started to accept them as an inevitable bane of their profession.
Portals such as wholesalescams.co.uk are at the forefront in the task of exposing these scammers and middlemen and keeping online retailers, trade suppliers, and others associated with the business alerted about their presence on specific sites. The portal has made it their ceaseless mission to identify scams and mitigate their effects by sharing such information with business owners.
Wholesale Scam is a well organized and fully operational industry in the UK today. They have, over the years, managed to accumulate resources which allow them to perpetuate scams at will and trap gullible and inexperienced retailers with their wily ways and well-trained sales pitch. They know the exact pulse of the market and the moves to make so that their intended victims will straight away walk into their trap effortlessly.
Their websites appear so convincing that it is impossible for a novice to differentiate between a scan site and a genuine one. They are constantly coming up with newer ideas and elaborately laid out traps that almost always entice their intended targets despite the best protective efforts.
It is therefore absolutely imperative to keep the online trading community alerted at all times so that the dubious designs of these scammers are crushed and the online wholesale business once again represents a clean, scam-free environment.
Wholesalescam.co.uk strive relentlessly to keep the trading community updated with the latest development on the scam front so that retailers can know beforehand that there is a potential scammer in their midst. The site also invites victims of scams to share their experiences on the wholesale reviews discussion panel so that these can become lessons for other potential victims.