Pandas Go the Landmark Education Way

Many companies and individuals attest to the benefits of Landmark Education on the overall well being as well as efficiency in the workplace. Panda Restaurant Group (PRG) has embraced the uniqueness of these programs.

Online PR News – 20-May-2011 – – San Francisco, CA - The reality of the impact of Landmark Education in the company set up was evident when 71 mangers from Chinese food chain Panda Restaurant Group (PRG) met for one of the company’s events aimed at helping workers declare their commitment to the company and to their individual lives. This is a philosophy echoed by the company’s CEO, Andrew Cherng, which the workers have taken up. In essence, it involves stating failures at home and in the workplace, as the other workers remain silent. There is no condemnation or disapproval as the workforce helps the individual make a commitment and offer a shoulder to lean on. One by one the managers narrate the changes they have seen in their lives through each commitment and the plan they have for the future in order to make an improvement and stick to their obligations. They do not only focus on the workplace but also on issues in their social interactions such as relationships with family.

Andrew Cherng is an ardent fan of programs that aim at assisting individuals take control of their lives and pursue what they previously thought was a mirage. He uses such information to motivate his workers and impact the company’s profitability. For instance, Cherng took up the Landmark Forum programs, as did the 71 managers in this company, and he says that the merits continue to reverberate in his life. In his words, this program changes personal as well as social life and he urges workers in his company saying, “If you quit Panda tomorrow, I still want you to go to Landmark”.

Landmark Education entails several programs and workers in Panda have taken up some of these from the introduction stage to the advanced level. Others have pursued the communication course. The aim is to empower individuals and help them fulfill their dreams without giving in to barriers that come their way. The courses take three days and are held in interactive setups where the participants can inquire from the instructors.

The Panda Restaurant Group (PRG) is part of Cherng’s plan to use the information gained from the Landmark Forum in order to help his workers attain individual and company goals. He uses a less formal approach so that workers can relate their experiences freely thus helps them resolve what they want to do in the future. With 1,350 locations and making $1.4m, workers in this company are leaving nothing to chance in making the company shine, which means individual fulfillment as well.

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The participants in Landmark Education programs have a wide range of courses, which are provided in the form of workshops and seminars. The aim is to assist the individual in improving life through developing virtues that will enhance relationships, integrity, health and ability to achieve dreams. Every participant in the Landmark Forum begins to notice the changes after a few sessions.