Computer Cuisine Deluxe 6.5 - Home Recipe Organizer & Manager for Windows, Mac OS X & iPhone/iPad!

Inaka Software has updated their popular home recipe cooking manager and software organizer for Mac OS X and Windows, Computer Cuisine Deluxe 6.5--now with a companion iPhone & iPad app, Cuisine To Go.

Online PR News – 17-May-2011 – – Inaka Software, celebrating its twentieth year of mac recipe software development of their popular recipe database & organizer, Computer Cuisine Deluxe, is now proud to announce the new version 6.5. This version, available for both Mac OS X and Windows, incorporates many new features--showcasing the integration with Apple's iPhone and iPad.

Computer Cuisine Deluxe is a complete home recipe management system. Available for Mac OS X or Windows, users have the ability to manage their personal recipe collection at home on their desktop computers, where they can also transfer their entire recipe collection (or grocery lists) to their iPhone or iPad using the free Cuisine To Go reader app available from the App Store.

"This upgrade allows users to easily have their entire recipe collection at their fingertips, either at home or on the go," said Inaka Software founder Mike McGee. "Whether users are at home in front of their computer, in the kitchen viewing on their iPad, or at the supermarket on their iPhone, their cooking recipes are never out of reach when using the Computer Cuisine Deluxe home recipe management system."

McGee explained, "Unlike websites or other cookbook software applications that merely serve up countless recipes online from unknown sources, our goal is different. We want users to have easy access to their own personal recipe collection." McGee added, "Our goal was to create a recipe management system where users had access to their own personal recipe collection any time, anywhere. Users can manage their cooking recipes at home with our desktop recipe organizer Computer Cuisine Deluxe, and then simply transfer their own personal recipes or grocery lists to their iPhone or iPad."

In addition to the iPhone and iPad recipe integration from Computer Cuisine Deluxe 6.5, this version also features: Detailed recipe search options, batch recipe printing, printing of weekly shopping lists, recipe email options, weekly recipe planner options, spelling alerts as you type, customized dictionaries, nutritional guide display, photo options per recipe, recipe importing from MasterCook, detailed notes & description area for each recipe, conversions menu including fraction conversions, tools to easily backup or export your recipes, customizable print and email settings, and over 1,000 sample recipes included to give users an idea of how this works. (These sample recipes can easily be deleted as a batch in order to keep your cookbook software made up of only your own personal recipes.)

The Inaka Software web site ( target="_blank" class="highlight_link"> also includes a support forum and Recipe Swap section for exchanging recipe collections for free with other Computer Cuisine Deluxe users. Users can try out recipe packs or individual recipes and import entire recipe collections into the recipe manager software without any typing. The Inaka Software web site also contains How To videos, tips, and a full support section with frequently asked questions and other useful information.

Computer Cuisine Deluxe 6.5 is available as a free demo download for users to evaluate the product. The Cuisine To Go app is available free from the App Store. Cuisine To Go requires a registered version of Computer Cuisine Deluxe 6.5 or later, and a home wireless network. Computer Cuisine Deluxe is fully compatible with the latest versions of Mac OS X and Windows 7. This includes Snow Leopard and Windows 7. Computer Cuisine Deluxe 6.5 is also compatible with previous OS versions such as Mac OS X 10.5.7 (or later) and Windows XP & Vista.

Computer Cuisine Deluxe 6.5
Free Demo Available.
Price: $29.95 (single user license)

Cuisine To Go for iPhone and iPad
Price: Free

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Founded in 1991, Inaka Software ( target="_blank" class="highlight_link"> has developed mac recipe software for twenty years. Now with support for the latest versions of both Mac OS X and Windows, their flagship product Computer Cuisine Deluxe has been upgraded with its own iPhone and iPad app, Cuisine To Go. Cuisine To Go allows users to access their entire personal home recipe collections on their iPhone or iPad. The Inaka Software web site's forum ( target="_blank" class="highlight_link"> also includes How To videos, frequently asked questions, support help and recipe pack downloads for free.

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