Tarot Spreads for Beginners

Tarot reading gained popularity in France as a card game and the origin is supposedly from Italy. For more details on it refer to the theempath.com and the following lines.

Online PR News – 19-May-2011 – – Fortune-telling has been popular since time immemorial. There are different forms of predicting fortune used by fortune tellers and tarot reading is one of them. Others include palmistry, astrology, etc. Talking of the tarot, it was initially played as a just a card game, without any interpretation in terms of predicting the future.
The obsession with delving into one’s past or wanting to know what is in store for the future has been a matter of inquisitiveness, since time immemorial in the human mind. Probably this is how the concept of the time machine came into existence. Coming back to tarot reading, this method of card reading was also popular in France where it is said to have different tarot spreads. This implies that there are different types of spreads. For example, tarot Celtic cross spread, tarot tree of life spread, tarot horoscope spread, etc.

Later, this went onto being a way of conducting psychoanalysis. Carl Jung, the renowned psychologist used this as one of the methods for analyzing a person’s mind. This method includes showing a person a particular card and his or her perceptions are noted and then based on psychology theories, the interpretation of the person’s psychology is established.

Sure it’s a mind boggling theory and the interpretations given by different experts on different cards and different people proves to be a very interesting read, if not fool proof and guaranteed prediction of the future. So stick to http://www.theempath.com/types-of-spreads.html for more interesting and authentic information about tarot spreads.

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