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Penny Stock Web Site Reviewer has been away for a while since the new penny stock sites have not been popping up like they used to. We have not initiated any coverage since we did They were named the #1 source for information about promoted stocks. is still a great place to go for stock traders that have time to do all of the research. The reason has been named #1 inpenny stock picks for 2009 is because they do all of the work and try to steer away from promoted stocks.

Online PR News – 09-December-2009 – – Penny Stock Web Site Reviewer was created because it is so hard to find un-biased and non-vested opinions about penny stocks. This is the reason has received a lot of buzz around investment circles and penny stock traders in the last few months. They are 100% un-biased, and only receive compensation from their members. While many penny stock investors fall prey to the "pump and dump", scans the market daily to find entry points for stocks that will run up for maximum gains. The founders of this penny stock site have spent 2 years developing a system to find the type of penny picks that perform in hours not weeks.

They cater to all types of penny stock traders. They give you Day Trade penny picks with entries, Swing Trade penny picks with entries, Picks from the Bottom with entries, and Momentum Alerts with entries: And they call it all in real time! They don't promise unrealistic gains, but occasionally they deliver them. Picks that make cents focuses on a 5% or $.02 gain on every trade; however, they have been known to get over 100% in one day of trading. The large gains are what attract traders to penny stocks. They offer a free trial to test the stock picks they give, but with time you will see the results are outstanding.

The Penny Stock Web Site Reviewer wishes the guys at and their members the best. They truly make it easy for the penny stock trader by giving them entry points on all of their penny picks. Once members have traded the penny stocks they choose it is easy to see why they have won the award of #1 penny pick site on the internet in 2009. It is simple, they have the hottest penny stock picks on the internet today.