Webmasters Can Now Keep A Close Tab On The Latest Backlinks Status Of Websites

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Online PR News – 18-May-2011 – – Gothenburg - Every webmaster should know at any given point of time, how many backlinks are pointing to one’s website. Only when webmasters have this information at hand all subsequent link building efforts can be taken. One of the easiest ways to find out how many back links are pointing to one’s website, is to make use of backlinks checker. Webmasters will be able to find link checker tools online and most of them are free tools. Though there are many backlink checker tools on the internet not all of them offer accurate results when it comes to checking the link popularity of the website under question. One of the best backlink checker tool available on the internet can be found at Backlinkcheck.com.
Many people make use of Google webmaster tools to check backlinks but Backlinkcheck.com offers more detailed information about the backlinks including Google PageRank of the linking page, Alexa ranking of the website, etc. Users will also be able to filter the results based on various link parameters such as links from duplicate subdomains, links from no follow pages and pages with no PageRank.
Internet users will be able to get accurate picture on link popularity using this more dependable backlink watch tool. Before webmasters plan how to get back links, it is important to find out how many links are pointing to one’s website. It is not enough to have some random back links to websites; the quality of the incoming links is a very important factor. Backlinkcheck.com will help users get clearer idea of the quality of the incoming links.
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