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Online PR News – 18-May-2011 – – The idea of owning and using credit card excites many. But credit card usage becomes a problem when the owner is not able to return the borrowed amount to the lending institution. This is a very common situation and in most of the circumstances the scenario becomes so intense that it becomes necessary for the borrower to take professional help from companies offering dent solutions.

DebtHelpPlan is a well reputed company that was started by an attorney who with his knowledge and extensive experience wanted to help debtors get out of debt and lead a debt free life. With this motive he established his debt solutions firm and since inception has offered various types of credit and debt solutions to people. The company offers various types of debt relief programs that include debt consolidation, debt consolidation loans, home equity loans, debt settlement, consumer credit counseling, and even in extreme cases, bankruptcy.

DebtHelpPlan holds expertise in offering credit card debt relief. The company has expert professionals who work hard to figure out ways for credit card debt solutions for their customers. The experts at the company offer various types of debt management programs according to the type of debt and the situation that the customer is in. The company offers all these services at nominal fee and but does not take fee until the debt is completely settled. is also the member of the International Association Of Professional debt Arbitrators which speaks much about its authenticity. Hire services from the firm in order to lead a debt free life instantly. In order to lead a debt free life in the minimum of time span, please visit is a leading professional firm that offers consumers with the most dependable and accurate debt help that will help them become debt free in a time period as little as 24 to 48 months. The company is committed to offer its clients perfect solutions to help them overcome their financial hardships. The services it offers are trustworthy and act as a great alternative to bankruptcy. The company’s aim is to help our clients get out of debt in the shortest timeframe, without ever having to file for bankruptcy., provide its clients with the convenient services to settle their debts by making single low monthly payments.

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