Kid’s Internet Safety by Parents

Littleye is a Parental Control Software which can be installed by parents to track and monitor internet activities of their kid’s to be a better digital parent. This software can be installed for free from our website.

Online PR News – 18-May-2011 – – Littleye is a Parental Control Software to manage kid’s digital life which has become very necessary nowadays for every parent. It is one of the latest Parental Computer Monitoring Software which is designed especially for parents to view and monitor their kid’s activities from anywhere at any time with the help of Parental Computer Center. is our all new fresh corporate website with one new feature of Parental Control iPhone Application with which you can monitor your child’s internet activities from anywhere from your iPhone. This application can be downloaded for free from our corporate website which is very simple and flexible providing you all functionalities necessary.

With Littleye, you can take lots of other steps to keep a watch on your kid’s activities and take necessary steps to control them and protect your child from unusual and dangerous situations. Its functionalities include website filtering because of which they cannot browse through a website harmful to them, setting time limits for the usage of internet, turning off the internet whenever needed by just one simple click of button online, and lots of other actions can be done.

Moreover, the compatibility of this software is with multiple browsers like Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8, Firefox Mac & PC, and Safari Mac and it also works on both the operating system Apple’s Mac and Windows PC.

To know more about this software and its functionalities, you can write us with your queries by just visiting our website