Flower Essence Company Offering Calendar Combination Essences

An Ann Arbor based flower essence manufacturer is now producing flower essences timed to align with the changing months.

Online PR News – 19-May-2011 – – Ann Arbor, MI, May 16, 2011 -- The Great Lakes Sacred Essences Company has introduced a flower essence for the month of April. The April Sacred Home flower essence is intended to enable one to do needed, focused and brightening house cleaning with an attitude of love, clarity and joy.

The unique formulation is based on the work of Ann Arbor area holistic health practitioner Merri Walters. It is available in a 1 oz. tincture as well as 2 oz. and 4 oz. spray bottles.

In discussing the calendar essences and the April product Walters said: "As the wheel of the seasons turns and the world around us changes, so too do we share collective experiences as we cycle through the year. Our Calendar Combination Essences were conceived as a medley of 12, each special to a month of the year, though they can be of help and support at any time."

April is the month of the Sacred Home flower essence, which is for focusing and intention, working to shed personal negativity or depressive energies around household tasks.  They offer a $10 discount if you buy the Spray and Tincture together.

More information about flower essences and their use in improving health and spirit is available at the Great Lakes Sacred Essences company natural flower essence website: http://www.sacredessences.com

Great Lakes Sacred Essences, of Ann Arbor, Michigan, lovingly and prayerfully creates flower essences. The essences are predominantly from the Great Lakes region. They produces a variety of products that are premium-quality, healthful, and feature the flower essences individually and in combination. Great Lakes Sacred Essences also teaches about flower essences and serves as an ally and advocate for flower essence makers.

Alexis Neuhaus
Media Coordinator
Great Lakes Sacred Essences
P.O. Box 7566
Ann Arbor, MI 48107