Best SEO Software Info Gives April's Top SEO Award to SEOPressor

Webmasters seeking to invest in the market's best SEO software this month should invest in SEOPressor, according to a report by the SEO website Best SEO Software Info.

Online PR News – 19-May-2011 – – According to a monthly survey conducted by, Daniel Tan’s SEOPressor is the best SEO software of May 2011. The site’s team of SEO experts took cost, effectiveness and uniqueness into account when evaluating rank boosting software options available to webmasters.

Why did SEOPressor come out ahead of other heavyweights like SENukeX in their SEO software review? According to’s Jared Smith, SEOPressor stands alone simply because it focuses on your website’s underrated on-page SEO.
According to Smith, “It seems like all of the best SEO software options on the market focus on backlinks. One offers you a thousand while another offers ten thousand. The truth of the matter is, backlinks don’t mean anything without solid on-page optimization. Many website owners don’t put enough emphasis on their on-page SEO and wonder why the software they just used didn’t work for them.”

Smith adds that SEOPressor takes the guesswork out of on-page SEO, making any website marketer an instant expert. “In reality, on-page SEO can get somewhat complex. There are a lot of different factors to consider when optimizing your site’s content for a given keyword. SEOPressor is the best SEO software in our SEO software comparison this month simply because it essentially automates on-page SEO. Although a bit pricey at $79, it’s worth every penny as you see your site rise in the ranks without having to build as many backlinks” Smith notes.

Smith goes on to note why on page SEO is so important. “The reason we awarded the best SEO software award to Tan’s product wasn’t simply because it’s a fantastic program. It was also to send a message to misguided webmasters that produce subpar content and don’t give much thought to on-page search engine optimization factors. That’s why sometimes you see a site with less links to their site outranking you. They’ve taken the time to optimize their site’s on page why you’ve been going nuts trying to build as many backlinks as possible” adds Smith.

Does this award mean that backlinks are no longer as important as they once were? According to Smith, backlinks are and always will be important. However, many webmasters have become so link obsessed that they forgot this search engine optimization fundamental of on-page optimization of H1 tags, keyword density and alt tags for your page’s images.

What about other software that looks at on page factors to help your site rank highly in the search engines? Smith notes that the best SEO software isn’t always the cheapest. While some SEOPressor competitors may help, they may not be up to par with the best SEO software programs on the market today. Or as Smith says in his own words, “The best SEO software isn’t always cheap, but it’s always effective.”