Writing-Services.org Staffers Take in African Exhibit to Enhance Regional Knowledge Base

Writing-Services.org corrects Africa’s little-known status with trip to Paris exhibit. Clients can count on Writing-Services.org staff’s regional expertise.

Online PR News – 16-May-2011 – – Writing-Services.org, knowing Africa’s unfamiliar status for too many of us, has dispatched several writers to an important regional art exhibit. Works from Mali reveal just how much is left for us to learn. This information and observations will form the foundation for future projects on Africa for our customers.

Here at Writing-Services.org we cover the world, literally, through staff expertise. Unfortunately, many still speak of Africa as one country, which is simply embarrassing. Writing-Services.org has found a convenient way to introduce our writers to Africa’s varied cultures via a Parisian exhibit. Several staffers are attending.

The exhibit at Musee du quai Branly features wooden statues dating from as far back as the 10th century. These represent both Dogon and pre-Dogon religious motifs. The Dogon fled Islamisation to occupy sandstone cliffs along the Niger River.

The statues address fertility, rain, and the creation myth. Androgynous figures display both beards and breasts, embodying a belief in the need for reunion between male and female.

What do these fascinating figures reveal about past empires on the continent? How do these religious artworks reflect the historic conflict between indigenous animism and Islam? Questions like these will arise in upcoming projects for our customers. This sort of ‘field trip’ has enhanced our writer knowledge base in the past, and you can read about them at http://writing-services.org.

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