Professional Organisers Embrace Roofstore Storage Solutions Expertise

Professional Organisers are now using Roofstore storage solutions expertise to help convert the unused roof space into a valuable and handy storage area.

Online PR News – 16-May-2011 – – SE Queensland: - Professional Organisers have discovered that Roofstore have the perfect storage solution to free up valuable living areas in their clients homes and give back to families the freedom of space without the clutter. They use Roofstore’s expertise to help convert the unused roof space into a valuable and handy storage area.

Roofstore is a leader in innovative roof-space storage solutions, specialising in giving people advice and ideas on how to create a roof -space storage area in their own home.

“I am so excited to be able to use Roofstore storage solutions, because they solve people’s storage problems in-house making life easier and simpler,’ said Julie Bloxsom, a Professional Organiser of S.O.S. (Simple Orderly Solutions) who works in Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast. Julie assists people to reorganise and simplify their lives, homes, offices and other work and storage spaces.

“My clients and I are able to utilise more valuable storage space that would normally not be available without accessing the roof space. It is so handy to be able to just drop that ladder down and pop up in the roof space to get what is can be simple with a little organisation...that is the philosophy I always endeavour to teach my clients.”

A Roofstore access ladder provides quick, easy and safe access to the roof-space storage area. Once installed the ladder just sits there folded up neatly into the ceiling. When you need access, you gently pull down the ladder and walk up to the roof-space storage area.

“After consultation with my clients and they decide that they want to investigate what is involved in using the space under their roof, Roofstore can come to their homes, quote and have the work done. Then it is my job to make sure that their valuable belongings are placed in suitable locations for easy access in this new area,” said Julie Bloxsom of S.O.S. (Simple Orderly Solutions).

“I position belongings that are more frequently required closer to the ladder opening and other things like the Christmas tree and bulky seasonal gear can be put further away. I utilise ‘see through’ plastic air tight containers to ensure that valuable possessions are safe from vermin or moisture.”

Roofstore has many years of experience in increasing homeowners' storage areas from design up to completion. They can quickly assess the various storage options available and point homeowners in the right direction.

About Roofstore
Roofstore specialises in giving people advice on how best to create a roof-space storage area in their homes. With many years of experience looking at peoples' storage problems, they can quickly assess the various options available and point homeowners in the right direction. For more information about Roofstore storage solutions please visit: