Rates Colleges; Adds Canadian Institutions to Helpful Annual Review
05/15/2011 begins our annual college rating process: Canadian universities will be included for first time in useful analysis

Online PR News – 15-May-2011 – – annually offers our customers and others a helpful rating of colleges and universities. This year we have added the institutions of higher learning in Canada to our review. This service augments our ongoing academic support to our customers.

To help students in deciding where to apply for admission, or transfer, has spent substantial effort in rating all major colleges every school year. Each spring, we visit campuses and analyze the programs and facilities of all these institutions. We look at the qualifications of the faculty members, and post-graduation job placement outcomes as well.

We compile all this information into a rating list and distribute it as a press release. It will also be available to our customers. Feedback from past years assures us that this list is appreciated and used widely.

This year, for the first time, we will examine Canadian colleges as well. This reflects the increasing number of Canadian students we have welcomed as customers. It also increases the options to be considered for both our international and US clients. takes this trouble because we are committed to education. We offer a variety of academic support services and ongoing access to all our customers and anyone involved in education. You can read about some of our other initiatives on our website at

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Here at, we are passionate about education. We see it as the key to self-fulfillment and the passport to success. Everything we do is geared towards helping our customers reach their academic goals. From hiring to professional enrichment, from constant procedural improvements, to technological upgrades, we aim to support clients get their optimal grades.