OvernightEssay.com Adds Canadian Colleges to Roster of Annually Rated Institutions

OvernightEssay.com rates universities in Canada as well as those in USA. Clients at OvernightEssay.com use our list to decide where to apply or attend

Online PR News – 15-May-2011 – – As more than merely a writing company, OvernightEssay.com offers a full range of academic supports. One of our many services is an annual rating of major colleges. This year, we will include Canadian institutions as well, and share our results publicly in a press release.

OvernightEssay.com has for some years now invested several months each year in visiting, analyzing, and rating the degree programs and offerings of US universities. Our customers find this rating very useful in deciding where to apply and sometimes, in choosing where to attend.

We examine the school’s degree programs, faculty qualifications, the facilities, the surrounding community, the athletic offerings, and campus atmosphere. This involves, at a minimum, on-site visits, tours, careful perusal of the hard-copy catalogue, and a review of everything posted online about each school.

This rating, published annually, is a detailed adjunct to the big ranking lists. It may save a campus visit, or, even more valuably, a year wasted due to having to transfer.

Because we know that this is a helpful tool for prospective students, we are expanding our research to address institutions of higher learning in Canada.

When we finish our research, it will be disseminated as widely as possible via press release. You can find earlier ratings by visiting our website at http://overnightessay.com.

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