Motown Pianist Jay D. Kilgus Is Back With His Sophomore Release "Notes From Cloud Nine"!

Having performed in a wide variety of venues and for a diverse array of audiences, Jay D. Kilgus is no stranger to connecting to people through his beautifully inspired music. Composing piano arrangements that listeners of all generations can relate to has been his goal since a young boy. Displaying the sheer diversity of the piano as an instrument, Kilgus is able to evoke a wide range of emotions with compositions that are unlike any other. From song to song, it is impetuous where the flow will take you. Each song is dynamic with a sound unlike any of the previous. Notes from Cloud Nine is the next step in Kilgus’ evolution as a smooth jazz pianist and a musician who has been revered for his quality of sound and professionalism.

Online PR News – 15-May-2011 – – Livonia, Michigan – As a by-product of Motown, Jay D. Kilgus has been playing the piano since age 5. Having studied under professional musicians, his grasp of music and what it took to be a performer was quickly attained. Playing in a wide variety of music venues and being part of many bands and ensembles has led him to begin creating arrangements that deal with everyday life. Much of his content stems from having played all around the country and realizing the distinction of the people surrounding him. He places an importance of relating to his audience on a very deep level. The end result is an intimate sound that breaks generational gaps and offers a smooth and completely original sound. His new album offers a unique smooth jazz piano style and displays the work of a musician who has been tirelessly working to perfect his craft.

Often referred to as an entertainer who plays "music to fit the mood" Kilgus puts his emphasis on composing pieces that go well beyond simply sounding good. “Each song is composed and arranged in such a way that allows the listener the freedom to paint their own mental portrait created by the mood and movement of the music” states Mr. Kilgus. It is the thought and familiar rhythms contained within his music that makes it perfect at virtually any moment. With the vast landscape of sounds, it allows a sundry experience with every listen and brings a serenity, that can only be found through the resonate sound of an acoustic piano.

In addition to his ability to display a sense of professionalism as a well seasoned entertainer, there is also an independent aspect to what Kilgus does. The newest CD "Notes from Cloud Nine" was recorded in a home studio using elements designed for independent musicians. This gives the album a rich and uninhibited sound; an unspoiled form of music composed by a musician passionate about what he does. Mr. Kilgus is also in the process of recording future projects which will offer more original arrangements designed to cover a wider spectrum of contemporary sounds and rhythms.

Two great albums from Jay D. Kilgus including "Notes from Cloud Nine" and his previous album "A Chord of Three Strands" are currently available on and will soon be made available on Amazon MP3, iTunes, Rhapsody, Spotify, Digistation and dozens more. His ability to capture the mood and offer sounds tailored to cover a variety of emotions is what has made Kilgus stand out in the competitive industry of music.


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