Nation’s Fastest Growing Virtual Assistant Firm Cuts New Client Rates to Help Them Survive the Recession

Virtual Assist USA, the fastest growing VA firm in the country announces a are cut for new clients

Online PR News – 08-December-2009 – – December 8, 2009 – Pittsburgh, PA, USA - In a recession, responsible companies look for ways to cut costs. Often they are forced to lay off staff members, or put a freeze on hiring new employees, but that does not mean that they still do not have the workload. The employees who remain can be left to pick up double the work, which leads to decreased productivity and morale. How can companies still win?

Virtual Assist USA (, the fastest growing American virtual assistant agency, provides virtual assistants, as independent contractors, to companies in all areas – accounting, social media, marketing, public relations, administrative, web design. The company benefits because they no longer have to pay benefits, employee taxes, provide training or office equipment, or even pay for breaks. To further benefit the companies, Virtual Assist USA is offering an unheard of rate cut of 20% to all new clients.

Danielle Cuomo, President at Virtual Assist USA explains, “When companies have to make dramatic staff cuts, they still have needs to be met. If a company cuts staff too far, with no ‘Plan B,’ they can no longer grow. And this is a time when companies need to grow to stay competitive.” Cuomo adds that a recession is an opportune time for businesses to gain market share and expand. “Small businesses are the lifeblood of our country. It’s our mission to continue to support them and help them, by offering this unheard of reduced rate,” she said.

As businesses flock to the use of Virtual Assistants - highly experienced workers who work from their home offices, using the most up-to-date technology – Virtual Assist USA is poised to support those businesses in transition. Virtual Assistants ensure that all tasks still get done, but at the most cost-effective price and highest level of efficiency.
A free consultation is provided to all new clients, along with the new 20% rate cut. Clients receive weekly comprehensive reports that include not only project status, but also innovative ideas and suggestions for future ventures.
Virtual Assistants are lifelines for businesses. Companies outsource tasks such as marketing, internet marketing, social media, cold calling, sales and other growth-oriented tasks. To continue to help small businesses in those tasks, Virtual Assist USA, is offering all new clients 20% off of its already competitive, low rates.

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About Virtual Assist USA
Established by entrepreneur Danielle Cuomo after leaving corporate America, Virtual Assist USA’s is the country’s fastest growing virtual assistant team. The company’s unique advantages are low rates, US-based virtual assistants and nearly 24/7 coverage. Virtual Assist USA offers virtual assistant services that include general administrative services, accounting, cold calling, sales assistance, internet marketing, human resources, shopping cart administration and web design. Virtual Assist USA takes care of the screening, hiring, managing and payment of your team of Virtual Assistants, and closely monitors the project, so that client’s are ensured maximum value for their money. Virtual Assist USA is dedicated to improving client’s businesses and their bottom line.

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