Auto Insurance Comparison Shopping on the Rise

Auto insurance quotes comparison website sheds new light on auto insurance.

Online PR News – 08-December-2009 – – Every insurance company had different policies and different ways of evaluating potential customers. By knowing what to look for in an insurance company and knowing what they look for in customers is one of the best ways to save money on auto insurance. can help customers find the best coverage at the lowest rates available.

Insurance companies look into several different criteria to place customers in risk categories. The higher a customer's risk factor, the higher the monthly premiums will be. To get the lowest rates and obtain outstanding discounts, customers should have a good driving record. While law prohibits traffic violations from effecting insurance premiums after a three year period, insurance companies will still look in to a driver's history five or more years back in order to assess risk.

Cleaning up credit scores and having consistent insurance coverage can also get customers better rates and discounts. When a customer has lapses in coverage, an insurance company may see this as irresponsibility, and may place customers into a higher risk category. To find the best discounts, visit

A policyholder's location is also factored into risk category placement. Insurance companies will assess local trends, such as theft and number of lawsuits when underwriting a policy.

A policyholder's vehicle make, model and year are big factors when assessing costs of insurance. A car's price of repairs or replacement in the event of an accident is important to insurance companies. Age is also a factor. In general, younger drivers have more accidents and traffic violations than older, more mature drivers. Some discounts for proving responsible behavior may be available to younger drivers. To learn more, visit

When shopping for auto insurance, will show customers the costs of certain policies containing certain types of coverage. At some other companies, deceptive practices have taken place. Customers are shown the prices of policies that are much lower than the prices they are paying now. That is because they are being shown prices of policies that have different coverage than the policies they currently hold. promises to give their customers quotes that are accurate.

Policy holders should re-evaluate their coverage annually. If there have been major improvements to a customer's credit report or history or if traffic violations have fallen beyond the three year limit or if a customer has bought a house and can combine coverage, there may be significant discounts available. Other discounts may have been disregarded by previous insurance companies. At, they promise to search for the best discounts and best coverage to fit their customer's needs.