EJP Social Media Manager Boosts Brand Visibility and Exposure

The professionals at EJP Social Media are experienced in all forms of social media management, including Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and FourSquare.

Online PR News – 15-May-2011 – – Big brand names are eschewing traditional forms of advertising in favor of social media marketing. Social media is so effective, Pepsi, a brand known worldwide, opted to spend money on social media marketing instead of airing an ad during the Super Bowl. A leader in social media management and virtual assistant services, EJP Social Media specializes in aiding businesses with all facets of their social media needs.

“Social media is an important part of advertising your business and building relationship,” said Jenn Dize, Founder of EJP Social Media. “Unfortunately, it can be confusing and time consuming to figure it out on your own. EJP Social Media brings peace to the process and helps you use social media most effectively so you get an incredible ROI.”

For businesses that may not be aware of the many advantages of social media marketing, EJP Social Media has a free gift that companies can download - “7 Day Social Media Kickstart.” The informative eBook explains how to establish a social media presence in seven days or less.

EJP Social Media works with business owners to develop a complete social media plan for marketing their business, products and services. Businesses can manage the campaign or EJP can provide those services. The social media and marketing experts at EJP Social Media will create a clever campaign and manage client’s day-to-day tasks to engage customers fully for a strong social media presence that provides a high return on investment.

The professionals at EJP Social Media are experienced in all forms of social media management, including Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and FourSquare. The firm offers social media consulting, social media management, virtual assisting and copy services specifically designed for small businesses. Companies have access to millions of potential customers through social media sites for professionals, users of mobile devices and video enthusiasts.

Businesses that aren’t utilizing social media are losing commerce to their competitors that do. Social media sites offer far more than a means of entertainment. Facebook has more than 500 million users, many of whom access their accounts multiple times per day, while Twitter has over 190 million users. Those users “like” companies and share with friends. Social media sites are the Internet equivalent of word of mouth advertising.

Social media sites offer businesses a means of establishing their brands, and creating relationships with potential customers and established clients. Businesses can offer visitors tips, information, free downloads and coupons, conduct contests and keep them advised of special deals and offers. Videos can entertain, enlighten and introduce potential customers to businesses, services and products of which they may not have been aware.

Establishing a social media presence can be a daunting task. It can also be time consuming, but well worth the effort. Social media sites provide exposure and visibility over a wide range of online venues that include business professionals, the increasing number of mobile device users and those that socialize online. Social media sites are the fastest and most economical means of reaching customers.

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EJP Social Media provides complete social media solutions for businesses of all sizes, including social media management and virtual assistant services. The firm’s creative minds work closely with clients to fashion social media solutions that are tailor made to the needs and requirements of each individual business. Companies receive premium services that offer the best return on their clients' investment.

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