Corrosion Protection Essential for Aggressive Ground Conditions says FT Pipeline Systems

FT Pipeline Systems advise the public on the correct protection procedure when laying a pipe line in aggressive ground conditions.

Online PR News – 13-May-2011 – – FT Pipeline Systems is advising potential customers that corrosive protection in pipe lining is essential for pipes being laid in aggressive ground conditions.

FT Pipeline Systems stock Canusa polyethylene sleeves which are some of the highest quality pipe joint protective sleeves available. The sleeves are quick to install, and don’t require the pipes to be primed or profiled beforehand, helping to keep costs down. The sleeves are also heat and PE activated to ensure they are suitable for all jointing methods.

The Canusa heat shrink sleeves and wraps are suitable for use on steel, ductile iron and plastic joints. The sleeves will be delivered pre-cut, to ensure they fit the required pipe joint and don’t lead to any wasted material. The material is also easy to install, ensuring that specialist knowledge or installation equipment isn’t required by the customer. The Canusa heat shrink protection is effective because it shrinks to the pipe joint when heated up, driving out air and moisture from the joint to ensure it is airtight and will withstand any aggressive ground conditions surrounding it.

Duncan Frazer, Managing Director of FT Pipeline systems, said: “Corrosion protection is essential when laying pipes in aggressive ground conditions. Whether used for water pipes or other substances, corrosive protection is essential to ensure damage is avoided.

“Such ground conditions have the ability to affect the piping being laid, which in the future could have a potentially detrimental effect resulting in the customer having to dig up the piping and relay it, at great expense. Through coating the pipes appropriately, customers can avoid this potential problem.”

FT Pipeline Systems stock a wide variety of steel pipes and pipe accessories to meet the needs of current and potential customers. For more information, please visit or call 01543 416024.

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