Tri-Force Sees Great opportunities for Mobile Application Development in Small Apps Sectors

Until now the Mobile Application Development market has been dominated by large companies looking for companies to build complex service-oriented apps,

Online PR News – 15-May-2011 – – Until now the Mobile Application Development market has been dominated by large companies looking for companies to build complex service-oriented apps, but Tri-force says that a new trend is set to change the way mobile development works.

Smartphones are the latest in the string of devices that have revolutionized the world of business. Companies have used mobile application development in various ways to increase their functionality, promote their businesses, and increase their visibility in the market. A large number of people use their smartphones for business as well as entertainment purposes, and recent surveys point to the fact that most professionals spend more time on their smartphones than any other device except their PCs.

While mobile application development has hitherto been used by big or midsize firms to earn revenue or provide better services to their clients, Tri-Force says that now numerous smaller firms are also opting to develop apps pertaining to their businesses. Mobile apps are becoming as common as calling cards, and simpler mobile apps (that do not take too long to develop, nor cost too much) have helped a lot of companies find a way into their customer’s smartphones.

A Tri-Force official commented on the growing trend of small apps, “Apps are a great way for companies to connect with their customers, and apps can also help them get in touch with a number of new customers. Recently we developed an app for a relatively small Pizza restaurant. The app doesn’t do much more than offer a digital menu and pinpoint the location of the restaurant on a map. But a large number of their clientele use smartphones and they have go into the habit of using apps to get any of their tasks done. Even if it’s just a simple and small app, the company will find space in the customers’ smartphones and its business will improve.”

“Earlier, when Yahoo and Hotmail entered the market, people began asking each other their email ids instead of phone numbers, and people who did not have an id were left out of the loop. Later on as the internet was growing, companies developed their websites to make it easy for customers to contact them, and now every company has a website. The way smartphones are taking over the communications world, it is quite possible that most companies will develop apps to take advantage of the growing popularity of smartphones.”

Tri-Force specializes in mobile application development and the company has seen a substantial increase in the number of small companies inquiring for developing apps. While the trend just an year ago was skewed in favor of large apps that were centered on a particular service, an increasingly large number of smaller firms today are interested in developing apps purely as an advertising and promotional solution.

Tri-Force says that a number of these apps can be developed within days as the concept behind such apps is not at all complex. Furthermore, the low cost of such apps and the high utility value mean that small companies can get a very good return on their investment in mobile application development. If the trend continues, there is no escaping the fact that the next boom in mobile development will come, not from large businesses looking for complex apps, but from smaller companies looking for little apps.

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