Regular Car Servicing Saves Motorists Money Claims
05/13/2011 believes that UK motorists who regularly book a car service can actually save money in the long run.

Online PR News – 13-May-2011 – – After the last few years of financial instability and economic turmoil, consumers in the UK are – understandably – very cautious when it comes to spending money. Purse strings are tighter than they have been for a long time.

Now, there are certain things that you can cut out of your budget. Little luxuries that tip the weight of the scales towards debt, however having your car serviced on a regular basis is not one of these items according to – the UK’s leading online tyre retailer.

Regular Servicing: Prevention Rather Than Cure

According to Auto Trader magazine, more than half (53%) of UK motorists attempted to carry out repair and maintenance on vehicles themselves in 2010 in order to save costs. believes it is important that people are made aware that those who regularly book a car service can actually save money in the long run.
Through regular servicing, mechanics will spot small problems that if left untreated, will turn into big problems that could cost the unlucky car owner large amounts of money. In a worst case scenario these small problems could even leave a car unusable if the issue grows.

Cost of Servicing

It is no secret that motorists are feeling the pinch. With a recent rise in VAT and as petrol prices continue to rise – seemingly unabated - motoring is having an increased draining effect on many bank accounts. Unfortunately, many car owners are under the impression that the cost of a vehicle service is very expensive.

In some instances, this is not their fault however. In the past main dealers were able to control the market and the prices as they were the only establishments able o carry out a service without voiding the warranty.

However, when the Block Exemption Regulations (more formally known as the EC Block Exemption Regulation 1400/2002) came into force in 2003, independent garages were able to service cars without the manufacturer’s warranty becoming invalid. This opened up the market and helped to lower prices.

Discussing car servicing and the money factor,’s Managing Director, Michael Welch, said, “A lot of motorists seem to be under the impression that they have to pay large sums of money for a car service.

“Perhaps this is because a number of car owners are still very traditional when it comes to booking a service. They go to a dealer’s garage, they speak to a mechanic, they get a price - often higher than it should be - and then they book the service. However, over the past few years a new way of dealing with car servicing has emerged – booking online with

“Thanks to low overheads and discounts on volume purchases – which we pass on to our customers - we can offer car servicing prices by up to 60% cheaper than the majority of the main high street dealers.”

Road Safety

Money isn’t the only issue here though. knows that if cars are neglected repairable problems could end up being the cause of a road traffic accident.

According to SMMT, at the end of 2009 there were 31,035,791 cars on the roads of Great Britain and according to statistics from the Dept of Transport; the average age of a car on the road in 2009 was 7.1 years compared to 6.3 years in 2003.
With more motorists holding onto their cars, rather than buying new ones, the average age of cars on the roads is increasing. The longer a vehicle has been in use, as with more machinery, the chances of parts failing increases.

This is a widely acknowledged fact – especially considering that an annual MOT becomes mandatory for all cars over the age of three years old. believes that by not booking a car in for a service on a regular basis, motorists are not only risking their own safety, but also the safety of other road users and pedestrians alike. The potential cost of human lives is far greater than any sum of money.

So at the end of the day, the message from is clear – continue to service your car. The long term benefits are far greater than any short term savings.

Editors Notes

Founded in 2001 by Michael Welch, is today one of the top online tyre retailers in the UK with around 300,000 customers to their name. When compared to high street dealers, visitors to their site often find that they can make up savings of 40% on their tyres and up to 60% on car servicing.

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