Now Reduce Unpunctuality with Biometric Time Attendance System at Govt Offices

To achieve punctuality at work places, govt structures have already started employing the biometric time attendance system. Aditech JustLook is proposing multiple services with the biometric time attendance solution.

Online PR News – 08-December-2009 – – Now people working at the government organization can get more number of heads on the seats than earlier. Unpunctuality and impartiality are the two factors that can be noticed while working in this sector. The reason behind this drastic change is the introduction of the biometric time attendance system.

This biometric solution is based on facial recognition technology. Unlike the conventional methods, this electronic system reduces the chances of fraudulence. The system is based on capturing the facial patterns and storing them electronically inside the computer database. Thus this technology involves no human touch and no human guard.

Mantralaya at Mumbai is already taking the advantages using the biometric time attendance system. Other government bodies can also introduce the time attendance system into the premise. This system is workable in all the premises.
Based on the matching of facial patterns, it stores the timing details and help in managing the time related data.

Not only this face recognition technology helps in capturing the arrival and departure time, but this timing data can be helpful in various other aspects. These data can be very well utilized in managing the different shift timings, rearrangement of shifts with these data can be made easy, tracking leaves of the employees and calculation of the leaves etc. are the different scenarios where these system can work efficiently. The most important implication is with the association of the payroll software, this solution can efficiently generate the payroll of the employees. Aditech JustLook is one of the firms that offer the face recognition technology based biometric time attendance system that works on various premises and provides all the sub services.

Aditech JustLook is the face recognition solution provider company. It promotes 'no human touch' technology through its biometric systems.

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