eLearningZoom Offers All-in-One Online Training Solution to Combat Spread of Swine Flu

By leveraging the latest web-based training solution, companies can help prevent further spreading of Swine Flu; as well as reducing travel costs.

Online PR News – 14-May-2009 – – SAN FRANCISCO - (May, 14 2009) As the United States Government declares a public health emergency in this country and the World Health Organization raises the worldwide pandemic alert level to Phase 5, meaning a pandemic is imminent, companies are urged to find alternative actions to traveling for the sake of business meetings and training.

By canceling travel plans, people can avoid the risk of being exposed to large crowded areas and minimize any chance of being infected with the new swine flu. Deploying web-based training solution such as blended learning technology is a simple and quick way to prevent further spreading of this new virus; and companies can minimize travels and save costs.

With eLearningZoom 2.0 all-in-one online training solution, companies can quickly and easily create and launch web meeting as well as on-demand training program in minutes and consequently keep traveling to a minimum and be prepared for any travel restriction announcements. eLearningZoom 2.0 consists of three applications:
• eZ-LMS – a complete online learning management system enabling companies to create and launch online courses in minutes, along with self-assessment and tracking systems.
• eZ-Web Meeting – a complimentary web meeting service enabling companies to launch real-time webinars supported by video via webcam, audio (VoIP), and sharing of PowerPoint presentations, desktops, and whiteboards.
• eZ-Contact – an integrated email marketing campaign service companies can use to manage email marketing campaigns and set automated reminders for course items.

“We know that employees at all organizations are in direct contact with a variety of people and therefore at higher risk for communicable disease. Blended learning or Web-Based Training solution is the ideal venue for quickly disseminating important information. Not only it can help prevent people from contracting this flu, it can also boost the bottom-line productivity and profits with less travel costs. We hope our latest eLearningZoom 2.0 can help more organizations to save costs and prevents people from contracting this Flu," said Matt Fok, CEO of eLearningZoom.

For more information about eLearningZoom 2.0, including a free 30-day trial, visit www.eLearningZoom.com or call 415-287-3818.

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