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Cloud Hosting Is Rapidly Catching on in the World of IT. Discover and Seize Its Advantages Now with

Online PR News – 14-May-2011 – – Cloud Hosting Is Rapidly Catching on in the World of IT. Discover and Seize Its Advantages Now with

Grid or Cloud Hosting is a modern hosting solution that has become popular with Web 2.0 websites and services (Software as a Service or SaaS). Cloud hosting corroborates features of distributed computing, peer-to-peer and virtualization to deliver on-demand computing via a unified network of data processing systems.

One of the greatest benefits of Cloud hosting lies in terms of scalability, as Cloud server technology allows new hardware to be added effectively and easily, with minimum downtimes. Empirically, this characteristic solves many of the challenges associated with online services that have massive demands and large numbers of users.

Common types of Cloud web hosting include Managed Hosting, Blog Hosting, Dedicated Servers, Web Hosting Perth, and VPS Hosting, with the latter being the option of choice for most categories of users. Cloud VPS hosting fits the profile of enterprise-class web hosting, which means it demands high availability and performance of the websites/ web services at issue. Therefore, Cloud VPS hosting is mostly suitable for accommodating SaaS, Web 2.0 and Virtual Datacenter application needs.

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