The “Star” Law Applicant – A New Pre-Law Resource for Aspiring Law Students

The “Star” Law Applicant offers the practical techniques and strategies that Starlett Carter used to gain admissions into Harvard Law School.

Online PR News – 14-May-2011 – – Dallas, Texas - There are several different requirements of a law school application which usually include the transcript, LSAT score, resume, recommendations, and personal statement. Some law schools may even require additional essays or other components. The LSAT score and the GPA are the two most heavily weighted factors when determining admission decisions. However, a holistic approach to admissions is used by law schools to select applicants that will bring diversity of thought to a law school classroom and best fit their law school program. The law school application is the vessel a candidate utilizes to demonstrate his or her other dynamic personal attributes like church involvement, leadership roles and potential, and work experiences. The applicant must use every component of the application to highlight different strengths and reveal his or her life experiences. The application, in its entirety, should detail an applicant’s academic and personal achievements in a way that is intriguing and interesting.
After years of answering aspiring attorneys’ questions about the best way to highlight strengths in the various components of a law school application, Starlett A. Carter, a corporate attorney and 2006 graduate of Harvard Law School, decided to author The “Star” Law Applicant. The “Star” Law Applicant is a quick guide that provides guidelines on areas applicants can work on to improve law school applications. These strategies are based on the strategies she implemented to get into Harvard Law School. Implementing these strategies will improve an applicant’s chances of gaining admissions into elite law school programs, and will teach the applicant how to make his or her application stand out from the hundreds of applicants that have similar or higher LSAT scores and GPAs.
There is an endless amount of very expensive pre-law resources that provide advice on the law school application process and give additional tips for getting into law school. However, The “Star” Law Applicant is a reasonably priced resource at $9.99, and the advice an applicant will receive from reading this book is invaluable. Starlett implemented the same strategies during her law school admissions process. Out of the 9 law schools she applied to (all ranked in the top 16 of the US News & World Report law school rankings), she received admission into 7 of the top law school programs in the nation, including her alma mater Harvard Law School.
Prospective law students looking to create a cohesive law school application package can now download a copy of The “Star” Law Applicant at The strategies in this book will help them get into their dream law schools and will dramatically improve their chances of gaining admission into an elite law school program. The publication will also soon be available via Reader Store (Sony), Apple iBookstore (iPad), Amazon (Kindle), and Barnes & Noble (Nook).