Damac Property Selected by Rock Media Group as Preferred Consulting Firm

Oxford, UK - The property and media investment company Rock Media Group as one of the mitigation measures of its financial future has decided to seek the services of a leading property consultancy company Damac Property.

Online PR News – 12-May-2011 – – It has been noted with utter concern that the current market and financial trends in the planet is rapidly changing the way of doing business. Leading surveys conducted by reputable research organizations have proven beyond reasonable doubt that current debt crisis and slowed global economic recovery is having a considerable impact on the fiscal books of many national and multinational cooperates and co operations. As a sign of things to come and for that matter as a mitigation measure, Rock Media Group has decided to secure the future of its business and consequent survival in the rapidly approaching economic and financial uncertainties by vesting its property financial undertakings to property consultancy firm, Damac Property. Rock Media Group view this not as a measure inspired by lack of possible avenues to control our finances but because Damac Property is a company that has been there, done that and of course with a remarkable and deserved reputation. The company has resolved to take this well thought out decision due to the following legitimate reasons;

The current property development market is engulfed by numerous uncertainties, there are indeed genuine prospects that the situation will not improve or even if it defies the odds the improvement will be marginal. Rock Media Company has saw it important to balance its books through an experienced partner that will make the going easier

Rock Media Group has also found it necessary to outsource some of its key tasks to a professional company and in this respect; Damac Property. This will by all means reduce our yearly budget and further yield us spectacular results as far as financial matters are concerns.

Rock Media Group has also decided to travel this road due to an inexplicable urge to change the whole structure of our financial and property concerns. Our new partners will beyond question come in handy in changing the way we do business so as to get compatible with existing financial environments.

Some of the business ventures that will feel the impact of this noble decision that take effect immediately will be our vast property development investments and the general overhaul of the entire financial structure of the company.

Rock Media Group, the source of this release is a leading property and media company with an outstanding reputation. The company is taking rampant financial management measures to ensure the continuity of its business in a rather challenging financial environment.

Rock Media Group would wish assure all its clients and current and prospective partners that the situation is under firm control and in safe hands. We highly regret any inconvenience that may be caused by this decision but still remark that it is for the future of our business and development.

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