Asphalt & Concrete Buy Knox Provides FAQs About Concrete Driveway Construction and Maintenance

Asphalt & Concrete Buy Knox, Inc., a Minneapolis asphalt and concrete driveway company, announces new homeowner FAQs to help homeowners make educated choices about whether to choose a concrete driveway or asphalt driveway, as well as information on driveway repair and maintenance.

Online PR News – 12-May-2011 – – Asphalt & Concrete Buy Knox, Inc., a Minneapolis driveway company offering concrete driveway construction and repair, announces a new section of their website devoted to frequently asked questions about concrete driveways, retaining walls, walkways and steps.

The company website,, now offers ideas and pictures for home owners who are seeking information on concrete driveways, asphalt driveways, and how to handle concrete maintenance issues.

"This section of the site is very useful to home owners looking for help and ideas for their driveways," said Tom Knox, the President of Asphalt & Concrete Buy Knox. "We have been providing asphalt and concrete services and products to Minnesota home owners for many years, and we find that many people have the same questions. So we wrote up these as Q and A’s on the site."

Asphalt & Concrete Buy Knox provides a range of concrete and asphalt services, including new driveway construction, driveway repairs, patios, sidewalks, steps, and other concrete and asphalt projects.

"People really enjoy the education," Mr. Knox said. "Many terms are thrown around, including 'asphalt concrete,' 'concrete asphalt,' 'black top,' 'bituminous,' and 'cement.' People want to know what the differences are and what they should choose. The site offers the answers, as well as advice on maintenance and repair questions. And for those homeowners who are looking for a free estimate on their driveway construction or repair, of course we are glad to help."

About Asphalt & Concrete Buy Knox:
Asphalt & Concrete Buy Knox, Inc. is an asphalt and concrete company serving residential customers who need concrete driveways, asphalt driveways, retaining walls, patios, steps and walkways in the Minneapolis, MN metro area. Asphalt & Concrete Buy Knox can be reached at (612) 781-1112, or Or visit

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