Celebrate Acts of Green Kindness on Give Your Stuff Away Day, May 14th

Boom Boom! Cards Green Deck serves up acts of green kindness that make participating in Give Your Stuff Away Day this year a breeze

Online PR News – 15-May-2011 – – SANTA CRUZ, CA – If you’ve ever heard of ‘Curb Day,’ then you already know what Give Your Stuff Away Day is all about. On May 14th, with little effort, over just one weekend, people can help themselves (by de-cluttering), while also helping shrink landfills, save money, spark the economy, and promote giving!

Built on the philosophy that the smallest act can make a difference, Boom Boom! Cards Green Deck is a perfect guide for the day. A teenager in Kitchener, Canada leaned on Green Card #11 to get her ‘give’ on. The card reads, “Wait! Why put those used clothes and other items of yours in the trash when you can: Donate ‘em to charity, auction ‘em online, give to someone in need, post on one of the many websites that facilitate online giving/selling. Revolutionize It! Host a “Stuff Swap” party with friends; unload what you don’t want and get stuff you do want…for free!” In her post, “Swap It!,” she shares that her class brought in books and clothes they no longer needed, and swapped them for ‘better’ things. Fun for everyone!

A woman in Redding, CA turned to Green Card #17 for a little inspiration. It reads, “Open that overstuffed cupboard or drawer. Remove those old cords, computers, game boxes, cell phones, etc. Take them to the recycling center! Breathe easier with less toxins in your home and in the landfill.” In her “Clean Up Day” post, she shares the sweet feeling that comes along with giving to others, and after going through her kitchen cupboards had two full bags for donation.

The Boom Boom! Cards Green Deck contains 26 intentional acts of green kindness geared at protecting and preserving Planet Earth. Each Green Deck Boom Boom! Card contains a simple assignment that can help to create a healthier environment and conserve natural resources for future generations. For more info on the Boom Boom! Cards Green Deck, please visit http://blog.boomboomcards.com/green-deck/.

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Boom Boom! Revolution (BBR) is a social innovation company, founded in 2006. They create positive consumer products with the intention of inspiring an uprising of guerilla goodness. Boom Boom! Cards are the flagship product; they showcase a combined real world and online social network linking players globally through random acts of kindness that are paid forward. BBR is a 4th Sector Corporation, For Profit For Good. Boom Boom! Cards are made from 30-100% post consumer recyclable materials. Ten percent of the purchase price is donated directly to the charity of the purchaser’s choice. The BBR community can be found at http://boomboomcards.com/.