Saying Goodbye to Peer Pressure with a Unique New K12 Curriculum

Advantages of homeschooling as it pertains to no peer pressure.

Online PR News – 15-May-2011 – – Saying Goodbye to Peer Pressure with a Unique New K12 Curriculum

Flat Rock, MI - May 10, 2011 – Parents becoming increasingly frustrated with the level of peer pressure and stress in today’s schools are joining the growing number of families who are choosing to bring the school to them with Complete Curriculum. These families are finding that the true value of homeschooling is not only to be found in the quality of the course content, but also in the safe, secure learning environment of the home.

The effects of schoolyard peer pressure can range from early exposure to drugs and alcohol to the everyday distractions of having to dress or act a certain way to feel accepted. Not only do these behaviors detract from a child’s ability to learn, but they also reinforce negative socialization. Children not learning at the same rate as their peers may experience bullying or name calling. On the other hand, gifted children may also feel pressure to conceal their intelligence to avoid getting teased by peers who would classify them as a “know-it-all.”

Complete Curriculum is proud to offer homeschooling educators a K12 curriculum with the tools necessary for lasting scholastic success without the harmful effects of peer pressure.

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Access to homeschooling online curriculum and e textbooks is easier than ever with Complete Curriculum. Their website allows K12 homeschooling educators to download textbooks and other high quality educational content easily and affordably in core subjects such as Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Their e textbooks are not only user-friendly, but also highly customizable for each child’s unique learning style. The online curriculum encourages academic success while engaging students in 21st century skills.

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