SuperPro IS02: In-system Gang Programmer

Xeltek’s first in-system gang programmer will be available soon.

Online PR News – 15-May-2011 – – We are proud to announce our first in-system gang programmer, SuperPro IS02. It allows you to program 8 devices serially, and 1 parallel. Essentially, it has 2 programming modes: serial & parallel programming. It is the perfect solution for those who need to program more than 1 in-circuit device simultaneously.
• ATE port support allows you to program populated PCBs on your automatic test equipment (ATE).
• IS02 has a working mode called "mass production". Once the programmer detects that the target board is ready and ISP signal arrives, it immediately starts the functional operation defined by AUTO without key board operation.
• Operate up to 12 programmers through one USB HUB. Chips and files can be different. Apart from cluster programming (using standalone feature), SPIS02 can also be used for multi programming in PC mode.
The list above includes some of many unique features that comes with SuperPro IS02. The release date of SuperPro IS02 will be Q3, 2011 and the pricing will be only $1995 for the hardware. The device support list will be generated upon customer request for each special case.
Contact for more information.