BMW Invelt and EFEKTIM help in Mozambique

Since January 2011 the charity drive “Help the Children of Africa”, which in the Czech Republic is organized by EFEKTIM, is getting ready to help the children in Mozambique, Africa. The most prominent authorized partner of BMW AG in the Czech Republic, the company BMW Invelt, has decided to also support the charity drive.

Online PR News – 15-May-2011 – – “Thanks to the charity drive “Help the Children of Africa” we’ve collected material donations in the form of children’s clothing, shoes and toys, which are missing in the target location and are highly needed,” stated the project coordinator Dana Neumanová of EFEKTIM.

BMW Invelt contributed with medical kits

BMW Invelt is very well aware of the difficult situation the residents of Mozambique are in and decided to donate practical medical kits. These pose a very useful and indispensable help in the Mozambican schools and among the local residents. Medical aids are a critical item. By providing these medical kits BMW Invelt helped to ensure medical equipment in Mozambique,” says the drive coordinator. Medical kits donated by BMW Invelt were sent to Mozambique in April 2011 and representatives of EFEKTIM handed them over to the representatives of local authorities and schools.

Donations from the drive go directly to the Mozambican schools

The charity drive “Help the Children of Africa” was started in January 2011 and continues in several stages in the ensuing months. All of the received donations are periodically sent directly to Mozambique. The donations are passed out to the representatives of local elementary schools and authorities directly from the responsible people of EFEKTIM. As part of a grand opening of a school the drive organizer EFEKTIM is preparing a ceremony that will be attended by many prominent representatives of the local community including representatives of the public domain.


Efektim specializes in the complete development of solar, wind, hydro and gas incinerating power plants. It focuses on the design, optimization, financing, development, compete preparation of construction, development and ensuing servicing and monitoring of power plants.

About BMW Invelt

BMW Invelt is the largest authorized partner of BMW AG in the Czech Republic. It is a successful dealer and service of the BMW, MINI and ALPINA brands. Invelt is the sole authorized dealer of the ALPINE brand in the Czech Republic. Invelt is officially the only dealer in Bohemia.