TopScan Ltd. Launch’s Facebook Pay Per Click Campaign

TopScan Ltd. launched the official TopScan, Ltd Facebook Page on May 2nd called TheTopScan Time Management Strategies and now has initiated a Facebook Pay Per Click campaign.

Online PR News – 15-May-2011 – – Green Cove Springs, FL, May 12, 2011 - TopScan Ltd. chose Gate One Marketing to develop their official Facebook Page and Gate One has now launched a Facebook Pay Per Click campaign. This campaign is to further emphasize how ScanMarker™ can enhance and optimize an individual’s strategic and tactical time management goals.

ScanMarker™ has taken an everyday item used by millions and turned it into a revolutionary tool that will impact the life of students, researchers, lawyers, accountants, businesses, and countless others who need to gather, store, and edit information digitally. Simply put, TopScan designed ScanMarker™ to make your life more convenient, more organized, and is state of the art technology for personal handheld scanners. ScanMarker™ is sophisticated technology at an incredibly low cost allowing you to cut and paste all your highlighted sentences into any windows applications.

ScanMarker™ offers a Text to Speech capability and can translate from one language to another making it extremely useful for foreign travel.

ScanMarker™ can translate different languages; English to Spanish, French to German, even non-Latin characters such as Hebrew to English. For students, ScanMarker™ comes with a thesaurus that will instantly suggest possible synonyms and a dictionary. For business professionals, ScanMarker™ offers a multi function tool with language translation, bar code reader, and business card reader.

ScanMarker™ design is based on an open architecture configuration that allows for seamless integration of third-party software applications. Advanced text-to-speech (TTS), machine translation (MT) software, and numerous other applications can be easily integrated using TopScan’s SDK (Software Developers Kit). As future add-ons are developed, the user will be able to download affordable upgrades straight to their PC.

About TopScan Ltd
TopScan Ltd. is a privately held firm situated in Tirat Carmel just outside of Haifa, Israel. The company employs experts in image processing, algorithms and electro-optics. TopScan has developed practical and affordable handheld scanning devices with a wide array of applications in order to further capitalize on its intellectual property. Their devices not only scan documents, but translate the text into other languages such as Latin, Germanic, Asian and Cyrillic based languages. ScanMarker™ can also speak the translated text. See Us At

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