AGIC Insurance Partners with Unique Medical Care Service for Low Deductibles

AGIC offers a preferred network that allows those involved in a car accident to cut their deductible in half.

Online PR News – 12-May-2011 – – Healthcare concerns as a result of an auto accident are a serious issue. As the peak driving season starts with spring and summer travelling, individuals should make sure their Florida auto insurance covers bodily injury, medical care and access to good medical providers.

“We know how traumatic it can be to face a deductible and find quality medical care after the accident,” said Vincent Payne of AGIC Insurance, Inc. in Tampa. “We will pay your claim quickly and fairly.”

AGIC allows drivers to cut their deductible in half when they use their Preferred Provider Network for full-service healthcare and diagnostic testing. Their Preferred Provider Network lets drivers find a doctor’s office near their home or work. Physicians Group is the healthcare provider and is a one-stop resource for medical care, surgery and physical therapy. They also will file all the insurance claims so individuals can focus on getting better, not all the medical bills.

With 50 locations throughout Florida, the Physicians Group can also help with X-rays, MRIs, and other diagnostic tests. They specialize in spine, neurosurgery and orthopedic surgery for auto accident victims, too.

“Drivers will have a qualified healthcare professional prescribe care that will assist you to a speedy recovery,” Payne said. “Access to world-class care like this and slashing the deductible 50 percent is a big reason why people choose AGIC Insurance.”

Sometimes more gentle procedures are needed after an auto accident. Physicians Group takes a multi-disciplinary approach and also has massage therapists and chiropractors available for drivers’ specific problems. They are specialty accredited by the Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations. Accreditation involves a comprehensive, rigorous evaluation of the quality of the health care organization.

AGIC helps drivers with all their Florida car insurance needs. They are known for their affordable policies, access to high-quality medical care, and customer service. They are readily available to give drivers a competitive Florida auto insurance quote with diverse payment options and locations. To learn more, click on or call 1-877-854-0123.

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