Landmark ruling makes way for sufferers to make a mesothelioma claim/asbestosis compensation claims

a specific court case that ended in a landmark ruling for mesothelioma sufferers has opened the doors to make an asbestos claim such as a mesothelioma claim or asbestosis compensation claims

Online PR News – 12-May-2011 – – In a landmark case last week, a Supreme Court made a ruling that employees exposed to even the smallest dose of asbestos who fall victim to mesothelioma/asbestosis, can now seek to claim compensation from their employers.

The ruling has made it clear that even people who have been exposed to low levels of asbestos can now make a mesothelioma claim / asbestosis compensation claim , without having to prove a certain level of exposure caused their cancer. This video from BBC link explains how this ruling paves the way for more people to make an asbestos claim and seek compensation

This has been a difficult area of law for some years, advised with insurers challenging more and more mesothelioma claims over the extent of the victims’ exposure to harmful levels of asbestos. The Supreme Court has now made it clear that victims do not need to have worked where there was a high concentration of asbestos, but only need to show that they breathed in low levels of asbestos in the general atmosphere of their workplace.

”Overall this is fantastic news not only for sufferers of mesothelioma, but for all asbestos injury solicitors as well” said a spokesman for

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