Natural Anti-Aging Skin Care

Mad Hippie Skin Care ( is proud to announce the release of repair butter - an all natural anti-aging face cream that heals damaged skin & wrinkles, while building future resilience.

Online PR News – 07-December-2009 – – Mad Hippie, a socially conscious skin care company out of Portland, Maine, is excited to launch repair butter - the first anti-wrinkle resilience cream on the market. Repair butter works to smooth wrinkles & heal skin damage, while building skin's natural resistance to damage in the future.

Through the use of a unique blend of antioxidants and free radical combatants, Mad Hippie's all natural skin care product can reduce the appearance of wrinkles, while actually helping skin in its defense against future damage. "One of the main problems with many anti-aging skin care products out there is that they help heal past damage, but leave your skin more vulnerable to future damage. What's the point of repairing your skin, if you are just going to leave it prone to more damage?", asks Mad Hippie from their office in Portland, "who has the time to take off from their busy schedule waiting for their skin to heal?"

Built for the active individual in today's fast paced world, repair butter works to heal skin damage from today, yesterday and tomorrow - without any downtime. Through the combination of the best natural ingredients from mother nature (Pomegranate, Green Tea, Grape Seed Extract, Coconut Oil, Acai Berry & more) mixed with science's most proven anti-aging ingredients (Coenzyme Q10, Pepetides & Resveratrol), Mad Hippie offers an all natural skin care product that is truly effective at battling wrinkles, discoloration and signs of aging.

Mad Hippie invites you to visit their new website to see what all natural skin care is really about!

*Mad Hippie Skin Care, a socially conscious company, donates 10% of all profits to non-profit

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