The Great American Apparel Diet is Growing Across the Country

Three months in and The Great American Apparel Diet has grown into a movement across the country. Women decide collectively to reduce consumption.

Online PR News – 07-December-2009 – – Seattle— Three months in and 47 members from all over the country are enrolled in The Great American Apparel Diet. What started as a fun idea on behalf of Seattle resident Sally Bjornsen, has blossomed into a bit of a movement. The Great American Apparel Diet, was a random brain child from Bjornsen, who had had it up to her ears in clothes she didn’t wear, “I felt so wasteful because most of the clothes in my closet were hardly worn,” says Bjornsen. “I wanted to get a hold of my own consumption. So much of shopping for me had become spontaneous and random. I ended up with things I didn’t need or even want.” Bjornsen was not alone. Immediately she recruited six friends to join her in solidarity as they promised to abstain from apparel purchases for one year. The blog is where these women share their ideas, thoughts, fears and struggles. “It’s like a virtual self-help group for people who want to cut back,” says Stephanie Greco one of the bloggers. “No more gross consumption for me.”

Quickly news about TGAAD spread and now the members number 47 and the membership is growing. The cutoff date for people to join is January 31st, 2010. “I was surprised at what a nerve we hit,” says Bjornsen. “Women are coming from so many different places and for a variety of reasons.” The dieters hail from across the U.S., in the U.K. and Canada. “We have a strong representation in a lot of states, “says Bjornsen. Some of the states represented are Washington, Oregon, California, Texas, Florida, North Carolina, Georgia, New York, Ohio, Illinois, Tennessee, Connecticut, Maine and New Jersey. “My goal is to grow this group to 100+ by January 31st, 2010,” says Bjornsen. “We’ve kept it open through January so we can attract those who want to make a New Year’s Resolution. I want to start a movement—responsible shopping, less landfill.

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