Choosing Wireless Headphones is a Daunting Task - is Here to Help

To help consumers with the daunting task of choosing wireless headphones, announces their new web site featuring information and reviews on Infrared, Bluetooth and Radio Frequency Wireless headphones. Using jargon-free, plain English, we provide short reviews that are easy to understand and actionable.

Online PR News – 12-May-2011 – – Wireless Headphones come in three flavors; Infrared, Bluetooth and Radio Frequency. Each type has merits and each will fail for certain uses. Consumers are often confused and overwhelmed with industry jargon. By cutting through the clutter and providing the clear and easy-to-digest information that buyers need, makes it easy to make an informed choice.

Whether choosing wifi headphones for exercising, listening to music and audio programs, watching television, or matched with a cell phone, iPhone, MP3 player, iPad, laptop computer, or home stereo, has the important information that consumers want and the advice that consumers need to purchase the right product for their personal needs.

While trying to find a pair of headphones for his own use, Alan Nelson, the owner of, quickly became confused by the myriad of technologies and choices. "I spent countless hours researching online and in stores, as well as speaking with friends and colleagues", he said. "I've put all my research in one place, at, so that other folks can benefit from all the time I invested."

By starting their search for wireless headphones or Bluetooth headphones at, folks will better understand all the available choices. There are significant differences between wireless headphones that use radio frequency (RF), Infrared (IR), and Bluetooth technologies. Also, there are headphones that fit over the ear, on the ear, and inside the ear and this makes a huge difference in comfort and convenience. Earbuds are a popular choice, but consumers should carefully consider if they will work for them before buying.

"I was bewildered by all the choices" one shopper was reported as saying. " really helped me to define what I really needed." has an affiliate relationship with, Gamestop, Best Buy and other major retailers and provides information on products by Sennheiser, Panasonic, Motorola, Plantronics and many other manufacturers.