Phil Town's Payback Time Will Revolutionize Investing

Phil Town writes bestselling, radical investment advice. Bestselling - like his first book, Rule #1. PAYBACK TIME by Phil Town is available for pre-order now.

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Phil Town writes bestselling, radical investment advice. Bestselling - like his first book, Rule #1. Radical because he focuses on the sorts of things that don't make splashy instant millionaires. Like doing the investing research needed to figure out what a business does, and to assess how it's valued versus its potential for growth, in a Warran Buffett style 'Buy and Hold' strategy. Phil Town, in the first book covered a number of key investment and financial planning concepts like Return on Investment, Capital and Equity, how to read form 10Ks and what to look for in financial disclosure forms. The truth is that investing in companies means spending more time looking for things to queer the deal on potential investments, rather than looking for things that will make you want to put your money into play.

What Town taught in Rule #1 is how to condense several days of library research into a few hours of Internet research using the publicly available information that's available on all companies. Doing this, the aim is to find a great business, understand what it does, and what it's worth, then buy it because it's priced at half its value. Phil Town writes in a breezy, informal tone, and does an excellent job of conveying that.

Phil Town's new book, Payback Time, like Rule #1, is geared towards educating the reader - Town understands that investors who have made the transition from mutual funds to picking their own stocks need a bit of coaching for long term investing, and that the current market is a place that's rife with potential bargains to be had...and he gives a pretty stunning indictment of the mutual fund industry, pointing out that only four percent of fund managers have beaten the S&P 500 over the long haul, and that if you're going to do a mutual fund, you might as well invest in an index fund.

Mutual funds run largely off of churn - buying and selling what's hot to pump up short term quarterlies, and to rope new investors in, because a large chunk of their business model comes from fees from investors; that's what builds the wealth of the fund managers.

Instead, Town covers a strategy called 'stockpiling', and is based off of strategies showing how investors (including Buffett) made large amounts of money by investing in down markets. This isn't about stock trading, it's about buying stocks and holding them for the long term, with dividend reinvestment packages. It's about identifying stocks that are undervalued, and while it's fairly basic (and a solid set of fundamentals), Town's easy, non-technical explanations makes it accessible.

PAYBACK TIME will be hitting Amazon and other online retailers in March of 2010, and is available for pre-order now.

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