From the Front Management Program Released to Improve Teamwork and Customer Satisfaction

From the Front Management reveals ways to make sure a company’s team is on track. Teams take a lot of care and attention. Managing a group of people working together for a common goal takes understanding of teams and knowledge about the different aspects of team building. Great teams lead to increase in customer service and customer satisfaction.

Online PR News – 12-May-2011 – – PHILIDELPHIA, PA– Have the best product or service? Ninety nine percent of a company’s success is directly dependent on its marketing efforts.

Unless a company has no need to hire employees, the start of business marketing begins in the very people hired.

Ever hire the perfect person for the job? Interviewed great, had all the credentials, then watch them become a poor performer or better yet walk out the door to work for a competitor?

McKensey Report 2010 Most companies dont offer sufficient training for frontline managers or structure their roles to create the most value. Aggravating the problem, senior leaders are often unaware of the issues that hinder frontline performance. Companies with effective frontline managers take a different approach. Resource: Change is possible, however. At companies that have successfully empowered their frontline managers, the resulting flexibility and productivity generate strong financial returns. Resource:

Liz Cosline and her team of experts in Team Management have created a training program that addresses job satisfaction and employee production. It aims to assist the frontline manager in leading the frontline team-the very start of your marketing success.

From the Front Management is a powerful training program that addresses employee satisfaction and retention.

When employees are satisfied, informed and positively challenged they channel their enthusiasm to co-workers and customers. teamwork is enhanced. Customers know when employees are excited about their job. We have all been victim to employees that don’t want to be there-it is manifested in how they provide customer service.

From the Front Management addresses employee issues. Experience, philosophy and research have come together to solve key problems in the workplace, leading to the success companies desire.

“Liz inspires her employees to achieve for her as well as for themselves.” Don Ernst - Police Chief

Having the best product in the world will never gain momentum without having the best marketing plan. Employees are the forefront of marketing.

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